Becoming a Sales Hunter with Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter and Joe Lynch discuss becoming a Sales Hunter. Mark also known as “The Sales Hunter” helps companies and salespeople find and retain better prospects they can close at full price.

About Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter is recognized as one of the top 50 most influential sales and marketing leaders in the world. He is author of three books, “High-Profit Prospecting” and “High-Profit Selling” and his newestA Mind for Sales.” His integrity centered communication strategies are used each day by thousands of people from “Fortune 100” firms to small start-ups. Clients include, American Express, Chubb Insurance, Farm Bureau, Great Western Bank and hundreds more.  These same strategies are found in The Sales Hunter University on-line program which in 2020, was ranked as one of the top 10 sales learning programs due its unique style of coaching and engagement with Mark Hunter. Mark has spoken in more than 30 countries on 5 continents and travels more than 200 days per year working with people helping to show them how to find and retain better clients.  He’s known for his engaging style that empowers others to move to a higher level. He doesn’t view what he does as a job, he views it as a lifestyle.  He believes when you live life helping others you have the ability to create deep relationships that impact others.  His mission is to help others see sales in this manner to allow them to increase their influence and impact.

Key Takeaways: Becoming a Sales Hunter

  • Mark Hunter, also known as “The Sales Hunter” helps companies and salespeople find and retain better prospects they can close at full price.
  • In the podcast interview, Mark and Joe discuss becoming a sales hunter. During the interview, Mark shares some of the sales strategies he uses in his sales consulting and training practice.
  • Strategy #1 – Know Your Ideal Prospect.
    • Pick a niche and develop a profile for your ideal customer.
    • Stay in your lane – become very knowledgeable in your chosen niche.
  • Strategy #2 – Understand Your Customer’s Problem and How You Solve it.
    • Become an expert in your customer’s problems and your solutions to those problems.
    • Use your new found expertise to engage with similar customers.
  • Strategy #3 – Land and Expand.
    • When you land a new account, you are not closing a deal, you are opening a relationship.
    • Constantly find ways to add more value and to win more business within existing accounts.
  • Strategy #4 – Maintain Profitability.
    • Lowering margins to win business seldom works out for the customer or the salesperson.
    • The Sales Hunter teaches his client how to avoid negotiating and finding serious prospects – ones who not just shopping for price.
  • Mark Hunter has literally written the book(s) on sales. If you want to improve your sale performance connect with Mark or read one of his books:

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