Beyond Buzzwords – An Introduction to Blockchain for Business Leaders

With all the buzzwords flying around, it can be difficult to separate Blockchain hype from business reality. Join this foundational session to understand the fundamental concepts of the distributed ledger, relevant Blockchain terminology, and real world Blockchain use cases.


By attending the webinar, participants will:

  • Learn – in real world examples – what a Blockchain is, how it works, and which business processes are already benefitting from the technology
  • Understand the power of the distributed network and how the concept of immutability can lower transactional risk across the Blockchain
  • Learn how identity is handled from a Blockchain perspective and how irrefutable identity verification can increase trust between parties of a transaction
  • Get an introduction to the role Blockchain is playing in the Internet of Things (IoT) and understand how extending the power of Blockchain to devices can lead to faster validation and safer transactions


Supply chain, logistics and transportation professionals hoping to learn blockchain basics


Wednesday, February 21, 2018, at 1:00 PM Eastern



Paul is the founder of Blockchain U Online and is the author of the 10 module, Certified Blockchain Professional curriculum.  Paul is an author and software executive with core skills in education, international expansion, sales, sales support, curriculum development, technology, and operational management.  He has extensive experience in blockchain, enterprise software, public safety, retail, banking, and telecom verticals. Paul has developed both direct and indirect sales and support operations in 52 countries. Prior to Founding Blockchain U Online, Paul has held various executive level positions.  Paul has degrees in Accounting and Data Processing.  His book, “Blockchain Unchained, The Illustrated Guide to Understanding Blockchain” is scheduled to be released on Amazon by the end of January.