Building a Foundation for Sales Growth with Mike Temple

Mike Temple and Joe Lynch discuss building a foundation for sales growth. Logistics company owners often engage with Mike to help them build a foundation that will jumpstart growth and position the company for long-term success.

About Mike Temple

Mike Temple is the founder of Temple Executive Coaching. Mike has worked with small to medium-size business owners in the logistics and franchise industries for 10+ years. As a past business owner himself, he has honed a unique skill in the art of helping business leaders craft their true vision. With this background, deep industry knowledge, and vast experience, Mike works with business owners and CEOs as a leadership and strategy adviser.

About Temple Executive Coaching

Temple Executive Coaching works with business owners, CEOs, and executive leaders on leadership, strategy, and culture. After the engagement is complete, clients typically benefit in the following ways 1) Being grounded in and focused on what matters most 2) Having a leadership model where the entire organization is aligned and accountable 3) Resolving issues of personal conflict with the organization’s values, vision, and priorities 4) Knowing what the most important things are for success and customer satisfaction. Prior to founding Temple Executive Coaching, Mike held leadership positions in the logistics, financial, and franchise industries. Mike earned a BA in Business Administration from Utah State University.

Key Takeaways – Building a Foundation for Sales Growth

  • In the interview, Mike describes a typical lifecycle for a logistics company.
  • During the startup phase, the founder(s) and their team experience a wild ride where everything is new, sales is king and there are few rules or processes. For a small team, communication and management are easy.
  • As the company grows, problems arise because the company lacks a solid foundation for growth. Typical challenges include a lack of financial controls, HR issues, recruiting & training problems, and leadership gaps.
  • These growing pains frustrate and exhaust the owner because the strategies that worked well in the beginning, aren’t working anymore.
  • Founders and their leadership teams often engage with coaches like Mike to help them build a foundation that will jumpstart growth and position the company for long-term success.
  • The building blocks of the foundation include the following:
    • Vision and mission
    • Roles and responsibilities (organization charts with job descriptions)
    • Executive leadership to head up sales and marketing, operations, and finance. To be successful, each area needs a point person who will be fully accountable for the department.
    • Culture
    • Processes and systems

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