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[00:22] Opening / Introduction
• Hello everybody, this is Joe Lynch and welcome to The Logistics of Logistics podcast
• Our format will be a little different today, because it’s just me – usually I interview somebody from the logistics or supply chain space, but not today
• Today’s topic is “Logistics Experts Wanted”
• Before we dive into today’s topic, I want to tell you a little about my company and my podcast

[00:47] About The Logistics of Logistics
• At The Logistics of Logistics we help companies and individual salespeople grow their sales. We work exclusively with transportation, logistics, 3PL, warehousing and the technology companies.
• We have a program that will help you:

    • Understand your sales personality, including your strengths and blind spots
    • Get more sales leads and better-quality sales leads
    • Improve your communication and salesmanship
    • Position you as a recognized industry expert and help you reach your target audience

• If are serious about selling more services, we can help

[01:31] About The Logistics of Logistics Podcast
• On The Logistics of Logistics podcast, I interview logistics industry leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and executives so they can share their expertise with my audience
• My guests benefit from the exposure and my audience learns something new about our ever-changing industry
• Lastly, the podcast enables me to be part of the logistics and supply chain conversation, which is important for anybody selling anything these days

[02:00] Logistics Experts Wanted
• I am looking for great guests for my podcast
• Specifically, I am looking logistics industry leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, technologists, industry veterans, salespeople, and executives willing to share their expertise with the world
• Job titles don’t matter, there are experts everywhere in this business, usually they so busy becoming expert in their chosen field, that they don’t have time to toot their own horn, that’s where I can help, I can give you the platform to share what you know
• There are a lot of benefits to sharing your knowledge and expertise on The Logistics of Logistics podcast:

    • Gain favorable attention with your target market, which ideally leads to sales
    • Become a recognized industry expert, which is exactly what shippers and supply chain managers are looking for when they search online – let’s position you and your company as the experts, the solution provider who can solve their biggest problems
    • Cut through the clutter and be found by your ideal customer, which is increasingly difficult in the crowded and hyper-competitive logistics market
    • Promote your product, service or upcoming event without it sounding salesy. Nobody wants to hear sales pitch. By sharing your what you know, you connect with prospects in a much deeper way – the interview format paints guests in a very favorable light

• After your interview, the podcast will be published on The Logistics of Logistics and published on all the major podcasting platforms

• Additionally, your podcast interview will be shared with our large social media following

• If you work in the logistics, transportation or 3PL space and you want to share your knowledge and expertise, let’s talk.

[04:19] To Learn More

Contact Joe Lynch at:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 517.375.0631
Website: The Logistics of Logistics
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