Supply Chain: Cash or Trash with Seth Page

Seth Page and Joe Lynch discuss supply chain: cash or trash. Seth is the COO of, an artificial intelligence (AI) supply chain pioneer that enables companies to detect, prioritize and alleviate dynamic operational bottlenecks in real-time.


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About Seth Page

Seth Page is a senior technology executive, 8x entrepreneur, operator and cross-border deal-making expert who seamlessly bridges the worlds of technology, operations and finance. An expert in equity investments and scaling start-ups to venture-capital backed high-growth companies and into successful exits, divestitures, and IPO trajectories. Deep, hands-on technology roots underpin over two decades of business development, operations and venture activity. Tech pioneer and founder providing deal flow origination for angels, venture capital firms, corporations and family offices in diverse yet interconnected areas including Industrial AI, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Operations Technology, Enterprise, Telecommunications,  Security & Access Control. He has founded, funded, scaled and exited multiple start-ups for investors, including:; DataRPM (acquired: Progress); UniKeyPV Media Group (acquired: RhythmOne / Blinkx); RayV (acquired: Yahoo); Oyster Optics (acquired: Techquity); AdOnNetwork (acquired: PVMG); (acquired: ABM AMRO); as well as deals including (IPO & acquired: NBC); LendingTree (IPO & acquired: IAC); Fetchback (acquired: eBay / GSI); Samsung (acquired: mSpot); xanox (joint acquisition by Axel Springer and PubliGroupe)Litronic (acquired Pulsar & IPO), and many other transactions. Seth earned an Executive MBA with honors in International Business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, as well as a BS in Economics and a BS in German Linguistics & Literature, both from the University of California, Irvine, as well as a scholarship to study Volkswirtschaft and Germanistik at the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen, Germany.

About ThroughPut Inc is a Silicon Valley-based Supply Chain AI leader that puts Industrial Material Flow on Autopilot by leveraging existing Enterprise Data to achieve superior Business, Operations, Financial and Sustainability Results. ThroughPut’s AI-powered Supply Chain software predicts Demand, reorients Production Capacity, reassigns Warehouse Space, and reorders Materials optimally, so businesses minimize overpromising and under-delivering. By way of ThroughPut’s Supply Chain AI Orchestration software that sits on top of existing data architectures, ThroughPut improves material flow and free-cash-flow across the entire end-to-end value chain more than 5-times faster than leading contemporary solutions. The founding team is led by seasoned serial entrepreneurs with real-world AI, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Transportation and Operational experience, from the shop-floor to the top-floor, at leading Fortune 500 Industrial Companies & pioneering Enterprise Technology companies.

Key Takeaways: Supply Chain: Cash or Trash

  • Seth Page is the COO of, an artificial intelligence (AI) supply chain pioneer that enables companies to detect, prioritize and alleviate dynamic operational bottlenecks in real-time.
  • In the podcast interview, Joe and Seth discuss the enormous waste in supply chains. While supply chains create all the wonderful goods and services we enjoy, they also produce a lot of waste.
  • Approximately one-third of supply chain output is waste – it adds no value for anyone. The waste is horrible for bottom lines and the environment.
  • According to Boston Consulting Group’s recent report, 80% of greenhouse gases are created by supply chains so to improve sustainability and profitability, companies must address the waste in the supply chain.
  • The waste occurs because supply chain data is in separate silos and decisions are made to optimize locally – not globally. In other words, each player in the supply chain makes a rational decision based on the information that they have. While that decision might be good for their organization, it might be a bad for the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Supply chain practitioners make decisions using faulty forecasts, old assumptions, and outdated tools.
  • ThroughPut provides an integrated view of company-wide operations by pulling data from all of your disparate systems.
  • Throughput can identify and manage constraints to free cash flow, while meeting revenue targets with output.
  • To make better decisions, supply chain practitioners need demand sensing with real-time intelligence that can be used to create better demand forecasts.
  • With demand sensing, companies can easily predict near-future demand patterns to streamline the flow of materials, processes, output, and free cash flow across your integrated supply chain.
  • Seth and the team at ThroughPut unlock operations agility and efficiency, to meet unpredictable customer demands, while creating uninterrupted flow of materials through supply chain networks. This approach minimizes waste and maximizes profitability.

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