The MetroSpeedy Story with Nancy Korayim

Nancy Korayim and Joe Lynch discuss the MetroSpeedy story. Nancy is the Founder and CEO of MetroSpeedy, a fast-growing, last-mile delivery company based in New York City.

About Nancy Korayim

Nancy Korayim is the Founder and CEO of MetroSpeedy and has 20+ years of experience in management, financial advisory, insurance, sales and development. She has leveraged her sales and operational skills to drive the company’s vision, strategy and growth while focusing on providing sustainable and efficient last mile solutions. In addition to running one of the fastest growing logistics companies in NYC, Nancy offers her time to serve on advisory boards. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of MECD, a non-profit organization committed to empowering women and children to be agents of transformative change. In her free time, Nancy loves spending time with her daughter and husband, playing tennis and is an avid follower of F1 racing.

About MetroSpeedy

Founded in 2017 by CEO Nancy Korayim, MetroSpeedy is a high growth, NYC-based, last-mile delivery logistics start-up. They differentiate themselves by utilizing their innovative tech and methodologies to service businesses across all industries in need of cost-effective and efficient same-day delivery. MetroSpeedy is able to provide 2x to 3x time more deliveries per hour than their competitors by leveraging their ai-based tech, micro-fullfilment hubs and proprietary eco-friendly cargo bikes. This along with a combination of other transportation methods allow them to navigate the dense metropolitan streets and offer their rapid fulfillment services. What started as a bootstrapped solo business has grown into a robust startup with a community of drivers achieving same day success with an exceptional customer experience.

Key Takeaways: The MetroSpeedy Story

  • Nancy Korayim is the Founder and CEO of MetroSpeedy, a fast-growing, last-mile delivery company based in New York City.
  • In the podcast interview, Nancy and Joe discuss MetroSpeedy’s exciting mission along with Nancy’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • MetroSpeedy excels at same-day. Their custom-built technology allows them to provide their customers with the fast, secure delivery along with real-time tracking, and proof of delivery.  
  • Every MetroSpeedy customer gets a customized dashboard with full visibility, live updates and AI-driven data to ensure operational ease of mind.
  • MetroSpeedy’s delivery teams use sustainable electric-assist cargo trikes which is better for navigating NYC’s streets and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases.
  • MetroSpeedy is a leading technology-based local delivery company providing on-demand, same-day, or scheduled delivery services.
  • Their dedicated team enables local deliveries of small to medium-sized packages or goods efficiently and conveniently for businesses within dense metropolitan areas.
  • The company launched in NYC and currently serve all areas in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester County, and parts of Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. MetroSpeedy has also begun provided service in London, England.

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