The New Reality of Logistics Sales and Marketing with Brian Everett

Brian Everett and Joe Lynch discuss the new reality of logistics sales and marketing. Since Brian is the CEO of TMSA he has a great perspective on what’s working in transportation and logistics sales. Brian shares his thoughtful insights, which are based on TMSA research and his direct involvement with TMSA members.

About Brian Everett

Brian is on a mission to help sales, marketing, and communications professionals in transportation and logistics to be more successful in their careers. Brian uses his 25 plus years of experience in marketing, sales, association management in transportation, logistics and supply chain to do accomplish his mission. He is committed to bringing together a community of successful marketing and sales professionals in freight transportation and logistics as the CEO of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA).

About the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA)

TMSA is the one and only association serving marketing, sales, and communications professionals in transportation and logistics. TMSA’s mission is to enable sales and marketing professionals to learn and give back to the transportation and logistics industry through education, connections, and resources, ultimately strengthening their individual development, their businesses, and the industry-at-large. Part of TMSA’s mission is to help marketing and sales professionals be armed with knowledge on such issues as sales and marketing integration, blockchain technologies, lead generation, CRM and marketing automation platforms, and content marketing.

Noteworthy Questions

[10:23]  Please tell us the first new reality of marketing and selling logistics services?

[19:53]  What’s the second new reality of logistics marketing and sales?

[23:31]  What’s the third new reality of marketing and selling logistics services?

Key Takeaways

  • Logistics sales is becoming increasingly sophisticated. In the podcast, Brian shared the three (3) new realities of logistics sales and marketing.
  • New Reality One: Leveraging technology is one of the keys to success in sales and marketing. The logistics industry leaders are making big investments in technologies like websites, digital marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing, marketing automation, RFP, collaboration, and CRM software.
  • New Reality Two: Customer experience (CX) can be described as the cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints over the course of a customer’s interaction with an organization. CX has been used extensively and successfully in the B2C market but is only now being used by B2B marketers. Top logistics companies, especially the tech-centric players are using CX to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and win more business. To improve the customer experience, map the process noting every interaction with the customer, from the first marketing impression through the sales process, onboarding, training, and day-to-day servicing of the account. Capture and fix any gaps or issues in the process.
  • New Reality Three: Sales and marketing integration is a new reality that grows in importance daily. Traditionally, sales and marketing departments had quite different cultures, personalities, and objectives. As the buying and selling process moves online, more and more companies are integrating the two functions. Ideally, the integration will remove silos, communication barriers, and gaps between marketing and sales. Marketing and sales integration ideally will lead to greater customer satisfaction and a more efficient and effective sales process.

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