The Second Worst Phone Call in Logistics

There are some phone calls that you just don’t want to make.  In the logistics world, those phone calls typically involve shipments that are late, lost or costing much more than originally quoted.

The natural tendency is to avoid that phone call like the plague  You can hope the client doesn’t notice while you look for a good excuse or better yet someone else to blame.

I admit in a few weaker moments, I have tried all of the above and some other lame approaches.  Ultimately, as the logistics provider, it’s our job to move freight and communicate honestly and openly about the problems we encounter.

Your client will still be unhappy when they get the phone call about the screw up, but hopefully they will appreciate your honesty and transparency.

Make the tough phone calls and hopefully you can avoid the worst phone call in logistics which is:  What do we need to do to win back your business?

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