The TextLocate Story with Ryan Rogers

Ryan Rogers and Joe Lynch discuss the TextLocate story. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of TextLocate which provides a freight location tracking and communication solution for brokers and partner carriers.

About Ryan Rogers

Ryan Rogers is the Founder and CEO of logistics tech startup TextLocate. TextLocate bridges the gap between truck drivers and logistics professionals by creating a simple way to locate freight through a proprietary text message platform that has taken the logistics industry by storm. Prior to founding TextLocate, Ryan’s extensive experience dates back over 20+ years and includes stints with Amazon as well as both Covenant Logistics and U.S. Xpress–two top trucking firms headquartered in Chattanooga. At Covenant, Ryan had direct responsibility for technology, continuous improvement, mergers and acquisitions, innovation and strategic planning across the Covenant enterprise. His experience at U.S. Xpress included time spent as corporate treasurer and Chief Operating Officer at the company’s logistics division during a time of extensive growth in revenue. He also served as a transportation executive at, leading procurement and carrier development at a time when e-commerce – led by companies like Amazon — turned heads around the transportation and logistics industry with increasing sales and demand for capacity. He currently serves as a mentor at Chattanooga-based transportation and logistics incubator Dynamo and is a member of the Chattanooga Technology Council. Ryan holds an MBA and undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where he and his wife, Nicole, have chosen to make their home in the ‘gig city’ with their children, Kate and Jack.

About TextLocate 

TextLocate is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was founded in 2021 by logistics technology executive Ryan Rogers as the solution to freight location tracking and communication for brokers and partner carriers. Rogers, a Chattanooga native, has formerly held executive positions with and Chattanooga transportation companies U.S. Xpress and Covenant Logistics.

Key Takeaways: The TextLocate Story

  • Ryan Rogers is the Founder and CEO of freight tech firm, TextLocate which provides a freight location tracking and communication solution for brokers and partner carriers.
  • In the podcast interview, Ryan describes his successful career in the logistics business and his entrepreneurial journey.
  • TextLocate is a simple method for check call updates with partner carriers. TextLocate simplifies the process using TextLocate’s custom one-time location update from your partner carrier’s driver with one simple text message.
  • Ryan’s vision for TextLocate is to complement existing visibility platforms using a one-time text message that is more agreeable to some drivers who resist using apps and other visibility systems.
  • TextLocate’s automation makes it very easy for users to make check calls to drivers. Drivers love it because there is no app to download and they are not constantly tracked.
  • With TextLocate, users request a one-time location update as a text message sent to the driver. The message includes company name and unique load ID.
  • All the driver has to do is click the hyperlink within the text and approve the one-time location update. The response updates TextLocate dashboard with the driver’s current city, state and zip code. The process is convenient for the operations team to request and simple for the driver to respond without a phone call interruption.
  • TextLocate offers an easy to implement, simple to use process for communicating with drivers. The process is safe, convenient, cost effective, and uses texting technology so there is no training and no learning curve.
  • TextLocate has a free option so users can get started by signing up for a free account.

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