Brittany Traylor and Joe Lynch discuss the TraylorTranspo story. Brittany is the CEO of TraylorTranspo LLC, an asset light brokerage that specializes in power-only moves, which typically means the carrier provides the tractor and the shipper provides the trailer.


About Brittany Traylor

Brittany Traylor is the Founder and CEO of TraylorTranspo, an asset-based freight brokerage that streamlines the logistics function and delivers a superior customer experience using consumer-grade freight tech (Turvo). Prior to launching her own company in 2021, Brittany was an owner-operator for over 5 years. During that time, Brittany drove dry van, flat bed, and over-dimensional loads all over the lower 48 states. As a driver, she gained first-hand insights into the challenges facing both truck drivers and shippers. When she founded her own company, Brittany committed to building a better brokerage, with a real connection to both drivers and shippers. Brittany was raised in the foster care system in Germany and moved to the USA as an adult so her success hasn’t come easily. With the goal of paying it forward, Traylor Transpo partners with the Texas Workforce Commission to help people get their start in logistics and supply chain.

About TraylorTranspo 

TraylorTranspo is an asset-based freight brokerage based in Dallas, Texas. Traylor was founded by an owner-operator, Brittany Traylor who wanted to create a tech-centric brokerage that puts people first – so employees, drivers, carriers, and shippers are all family at Traylor. The company specializes in drop and hook shipments (power-only) and open-deck transportation. The company also moves a lot of scrap, which is a notoriously difficult type of freight to haul. Traylor’s technology streamlines the shipping process, reduces cost, and facilitates collaboration. TraylorTranspo also has a social mission of helping people typically under-represented in logistics – get their start.

About Turvo

Turvo provides the world’s leading collaboration application designed specifically for the supply chain. Turvo connects people and organizations allowing shippers, logistics providers, and carriers to unite their supply chains, deliver outstanding customer experiences, collaborate in real-time, and accelerate growth. The technology unifies all systems, internal and external, providing one end-to-end solution to execute all operations and analytics while eliminating redundant manual tasks and automating business processes. Turvo customers include some of the world’s largest, Fortune 500 logistics service providers, shippers and freight brokers. Turvo is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Hyderabad, India.

Key Takeaways: The TraylorTranspo Story

  • Brittany Traylor is the Founder and CEO of TraylorTranspo, an asset light brokerage that specializes in power-only moves, which typically means the carrier provides the tractor and the shipper provides the trailer.
  • In the podcast interview, Joe and Brittany discuss Brittany’s difficult childhood, moving to America as a young adult, and the founding of TraylorTranspo.
  • Power only trucking is a full truckload move that occurs when a carrier provides only a driver and a tractor or “power unit.” With power only moves, the driver does not bring a trailer, but instead hooks up to and hauls a trailer that is either leased or owned by a 3PL or shipper.
  • Drop and hook shipments became more popular after the hours of service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) mandate took effect in 2019.
  • With drop and hook shipments, drivers are able to spend more time driving because they are not involved in live loads / uploads. Drivers simply drop the trailer and the shipper unloads the trailer when they have time. For pickups, drivers hook up the trailer and get back to driving.
  • Because of her difficult upbringing, Brittany makes a point of giving people an opportunity to succeed.
  • TraylorTranspo works closely with the Texas Work Force Commission to hire and train people who often are not given a chance – this has lead to a very loyal team and family-like culture at the company.
  • Traylor is a small, but fast growing brokerage that is uses freight tech (Turvo) to streamline the shipping process, reduce costs per load, and deliver a superior customer experience for both carriers and shippers.

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