Top Trends in Supply Chain Tech with Charley Dehoney

Charley Dehoney and Joe Lynch discuss the top trends in supply chain tech. Charley is an entrepreneur, executive, and investor in companies that are transforming the logistics and supply chain with technology.

About Charley Dehoney

Charley Dehoney is a growth-focused executive, board member, and investor, with more than 17 years of experience at the intersection of transportation and technology. He has helped launch, build, and scale companies that have supported hundreds of millions of dollars in growth. Charley is currently working on a number of freight-related projects including a stealth startup focusing on automating global trade and acquiring logistics business. Recently, Dehoney served as CEO of Manning’s Truck Brokerage, a 50-year-old, logistics company acquired in 2020 by Fitzmark, Inc. Dehoney has also held executive roles in several high growth and venture capital-backed logistics businesses. Charley earned a BS in Sociology from the San Jose State University where he also played on the varsity football team. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his beautiful wife and three strapping young sons.

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