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A few years back, I conducted a series of value stream mapping workshops.  The workshops were focused on value streams for an automotive company and their suppliers.  I recently ran across my value stream mapping workshop materials and I decided to share them.

Initially, the workshops followed the traditional value stream mapping (VSM) workshop process and format.  However, because the companies involved didn’t want to invest the time, we had to reduce the time teaching the VSM methodology, which uses standardized symbols and a rigorous process.

Value Stream Mapping Workshop Materials

Even in the diluted state, the workshops yielded great results.  The workshop materials provide a good introduction to lean thinking and value stream mapping principles.  I apologize in advance to the lean purists who download the value stream mapping training materials.  Please forgive me!

Value Stream Mapping Definition

Value stream mapping is a tool used to illustrate key components of a given process, including information and material flow, to validate value added steps and identify opportunities to permanently eliminate waste.

Prior to the VSM Workshop 

Before beginning any value stream mapping / lean initiative, make sure you get management buy in.  Without the bosses say so, these projects go nowhere.

Also, make sure the scope of the project is focused and narrow.  Better to have the scope be too small than too big.

Hiring an experienced lean practitioner is definitely worth the effort and the money.

Finally, familiarize the team with lean concepts.  Learn about Toyota, since they have advanced lean thinking more than any other company in the post war era.  Jeffrey Liker, a professor at my beloved University of Michigan wrote a fantastic book, The Toyota Way, which is referenced often in the value stream mapping workshop materials.

Below is the agenda for the two day VSM workshops.

VSM Workshop Agenda

Day One

• Workshop Objectives / Introductions / Check-in

• Value Creation / Lean Mapping Overview

• Value Creation Mapping – Areas of Opportunity

• Plant Process Walk Review

• Review Current Value Creation map

• Brainstorming Exercise – list potential opportunities

• Document all ideas and develop business cases for where necessary

• Check out

Day Two

• Check in

• Progress Review

• Continue business case development

• Document all ideas

• Final Presentation

• Check out

Value Stream Mapping Workshop Materials