Win Like a Navy SEAL with Sean Matson

Sean Matson and Joe Lynch discuss win like a Navy SEAL. Sean is a former Navy SEAL and the Founder/CEO of both CardoMax and MATBOCK.

About Sean Matson

Sean Matson is a serial entrepreneur who has Co-Founded multiple companies like MATBOCK & most recently CardoMax. He spent 13 years (2005 – 2018) as a Navy SEAL Officer, with multiple deployments in strategic locations. Mission focused on building an empire of disruptive technologies to the market while empowering others along their journey. He has been instrumental in the success of these companies by leveraging the leadership skills from his time on active duty. Lastly, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Samantha, and four children, Shelby, Tyler, Maverick and Emery.

About CardoMax

CardoMax is committed to producing the highest quality, liquid-based single serve supplements featuring clean ingredients.


MATBOCK‘s mission is to design lighter and more practical equipment for every environment. our personal experiences involving continued operations in multiple theaters have led to our basic foundation – ounces equal pounds and lighter warriors are faster warriors. we constantly strive to provide our warriors with the most effective and efficient gear possible. 

Key Takeaways: Win Like a Navy SEAL

  • Sean Matson is a former Navy SEAL and the Founder/CEO of both CardoMax and MATBOCK. Many truck drivers are big fans of CardoMax’s supplements, especially the Energy Intensifier.
  • In the podcast interview, Sean explains what it takes to win like a Navy SEAL. Below are 6 things that Sean……
    • #1 – An always “gonna try” attitude. Being confident in your abilities to solve problems and a willingness to always try will result in a lot more wins than losses.
    • #2 – Treat failure as a learning opportunity. Either you win or you learn. Learning from failures rather than being defeated by them is one of the keys to success.
    • #3 – Become comfortable being uncomfortable. Push yourself physically and mentally into situations that are uncomfortable. As time goes on, you will become more comfortable having tough conversations and doing the difficult work. Avoiding the hard work that leads to success to focus on lesser projects is a recipe for failure.
    • #4 – Discipline. To be successful you must have the will to do the right thing. Discipline enables us to be systematic towards achieving our goals and ambitions. Becoming disciplined is a never ending journey – there will be lapses. The key is to always get back on track.
    • #5 – Manage your time by focusing on the most important work. Control your calendar and schedule the things that need to be done. Scheduling your tasks is better than just adding another project to your to-do list.
    • #6 – Ongoing training and personal development. Continuous improvement of your attitudes, skills, and knowledge is critical to your success in both your career and your life. Never stop growing.

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