Worst Case Scenarios for Freight Brokers with Lisa Bruno

Lisa Bruno and Joe Lynch talk about the worst case scenarios for freight brokers. Lisa is an Industry Consultant at CarrierDirect which is a consulting firm supporting the transportation and industry, logistics, warehousing, supply chain and also provide technology support.

About Lisa Bruno

Lisa Bruno brings 15+ years of transportation logistics experience to the podcast. She started her career at Strive Logistics in 2005 and, being the 12th employee, saw an opportunity to make an impact at a young company. She started on the customer operations and account management side of the business running point on PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats account among others. 2012 started her Director-level experience wearing many hats to help propel Strive to success: contributed in developing Strive’s proprietary TMS, led training efforts of new hires and the latest TMS functionality and later in her career was in more of a “fixer” role working with stakeholders to solve process & operational bottlenecks. Once Strive was acquired by Redwood Logistics in 2019, Lisa played an integral role in getting Redwood’s customer-facing department up to speed on Strive’s TMS. She earned her PMP certification in 2020 and most recently joined the CarrierDirect team as an Industry Consultant.

About Carrier Direct

CarrierDirect is a management consulting and technology development firm focused on transportation, logistics, and supply chain. They are on a mission to help supply chains, transportation, and logistics companies overcome obstacles toward progress and growth, so we can contribute to a more efficient world together. CarrierDirect a team of people absorbed in all things transportation, logistics, and supply chain, motivated by opportunities to help carriers, freight brokers, shippers, and tech vendors do great things. They are passionate about problem solving, not afraid of a challenge, and always ready to go the extra mile. CarrierDirect offers Management Consulting: assessment & benchmarking, capacity strategy, compensation, recruiting, onboarding, training, development, workflows, processes, supply chain resiliency, transportation & distribution strategy, sales & operational planning. They also have Technology Strategy: With a true technology strategy, you can have laser focus on your objectives, agility to solve your most important problems first, and then scale as needed. CarrierDirect also provides Software Development: We develop TMS and other applications that provide the efficiency, workflow, data, and visibility you need.

Key Takeaways: Worst Case Scenarios for Freight Brokers

  • In the podcast interview, Lisa Bruno and Joe Lynch discuss some of the worst-case scenarios for freight brokers.
  • In general, freight brokerages and 3PLs tend to be reactive rather than proactive. The industry should learn from the pandemic to plan for the worst-case scenario before it happens.
  • Scenario #1 – Lose a significant customer scenario because of strategic decision by the customer or because of poor service/poor relationship management.
  • Scenario #2 – Lose a key member of your team, especially if that person is influential within the company and with customers.
  • Scenario #3 – A large freight claim that the carrier is unwilling or unable to compensate the shipper.
  • Scenario #4 – You have a surge in customer demand. Too much business! This is the best worst-case scenario; however, it is still a big challenge to manage. Lots of good companies have struggled or even gone out of business due to unmanageable growth.
  • Lisa and the team at CarrierDirect work with freight brokers and 3PLs to stress-test their businesses, so when misfortune strikes, there is a plan. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

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