The friend zone is a situation in which one member of a friendship wants to enter a romantic relationship, while the other does not. The person who wants the romantic relationship, but can’t have it is said to be in the friend zone.

In our personal lives, we see the friend zone for what it is. We know instinctively, that the rejected party should move on and let it go. Stop being a desperado.

In the 3PL sales world, there is a spot very much like the friend zone – perhaps less emotionally painful, but certainly more financially painful.

3PL Sales Friend Zone

At The Logistics of Logistics, we work with sales people who sell 3PL, transportation and logistics services and have observed that sales people often find themselves in the 3PL sales friend zone. These sales people have found a prospect who would be the perfect customer. Unfortunately, the prospective customer does not share that feeling.

When I sold 3PL services, I experienced the 3PL sales friend zone firsthand. I often had prospects, who would talk with me and even lead me to believe that I could win their business – someday. But, the day never came. Even after the evidence was overwhelming that I never getting their business, I would still hang around like a desperate suitor.

Escaping the 3PL Sales Friend Zone

While you pine for your unattainable, perfect customer, you are missing out on other opportunities – good customers who actually want to work with you.

By hanging around without getting a legitimate shot at the business, you are diminishing your value in your prospect’s eye. Desperation is a very bad look.

Give a polite, but firm ultimatum and be willing to walk away. Make it clear that your company provides a great service and that you are busy. Confidence (even false confidence) and pride will make you more attractive to your unattainable prospect and other prospects too. Having a backbone and self-worth will make you feel better too.

Stop Begging and Start Attracting the Right Customers

One sure way to stay out of the friend zone is to have options. If the love-struck suiter, had lots of other potential dating options, it would be easier for them walk away from their dream date.

For 3PL sale people, options come in the form of sales leads – lot of good quality sales leads. When you have a really good pipeline of quality sales leads, you can walk away from bad business and have a bit of confidence and swagger, which never hurts in the sales business.

If you find yourself stuck in the 3PL sales zone I can help you get good quality sales leads. If you want to learn more contact me at [email protected] or click here to see our services.