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30 04, 2018

Uberization of Logistics Has Arrived

By | 2018-05-04T10:35:19+00:00 April 30th, 2018|Logistics Management, Technology, Transportation|Comments Off on Uberization of Logistics Has Arrived

For an industry that is forever on the move, the world of logistics is in a perennial state of change, facing numerous challenges and vague demands. Staying ahead in this dynamic landscape can be quite a roller coaster. Adding to this dynamic is the arrival of ‘Uberization’ that is knocking on the doors of logistics, [...]

2 04, 2018

Will the Freight Industry Move to a Discounted Pricing Model Like the Stock Brokerage Industry?

By | 2018-07-02T21:23:26+00:00 April 2nd, 2018|Most Popular Posts, Special Services, Transportation, Warehousing|Comments Off on Will the Freight Industry Move to a Discounted Pricing Model Like the Stock Brokerage Industry?

Will freight brokerage pricing evolve toward a discounted, transparent fee model like stock brokerage pricing? To answer that question, let’s examine some of the similarities between the two industries. The Evolution from Full-Service to Discount Stock Brokers Back in the 70’s and 80’s full-service stock brokerages dominated the industry. The industry leaders, like Merrill Lynch, [...]

20 02, 2018

The Texas Triangle

By | 2018-10-22T16:31:26+00:00 February 20th, 2018|Governments, International|Comments Off on The Texas Triangle

The other day I was talking with my friends, Kevin and Wayne at Loadtex and they kept referring to the “Texas Triangle.” Being a Yankee from the great state of Michigan, I had never heard of the Texas Triangle, so I asked what it was. Even though I hoped the Texas Triangle was a football [...]

11 02, 2018

We Have Lift Off!

By | 2018-02-21T12:46:18+00:00 February 11th, 2018|News & Current Events|Comments Off on We Have Lift Off!

The Logistics of Logistics magazine has officially launched! While Elon Musk and his SpaceX crew launching a Tesla into space got a little more press than our launch, my merry band of collaborators and I are thrilled none the less. So Why Launch a Magazine? Below are the reasons we launched The Logistics of Logistics [...]

5 02, 2018

Blockchain Basics Webinar

By | 2018-02-21T12:26:52+00:00 February 5th, 2018|Technology, Webinars|Comments Off on Blockchain Basics Webinar

Beyond Buzzwords – An Introduction to Blockchain for Business Leaders With all the buzzwords flying around, it can be difficult to separate Blockchain hype from business reality. Join this foundational session to understand the fundamental concepts of the distributed ledger, relevant Blockchain terminology, and real world Blockchain use cases. TOPICS COVERED By attending the webinar, [...]

14 08, 2017

The Opposite of Cold Calling

By | 2017-09-26T15:49:25+00:00 August 14th, 2017|Sales Tips|Comments Off on The Opposite of Cold Calling

The opposite of cold calling may be the key to growing your sales. I talk to companies every week about their frustration with cold calling. It is a painful and inefficient way to get new sales, but for many the alternatives seem daunting and unattainable. Growing your sales without cold calling is challenging, but very [...]

8 05, 2017

Your Customers Buy Like You

By | 2018-02-21T15:20:10+00:00 May 8th, 2017|Sales Tips|Comments Off on Your Customers Buy Like You

Imagine you are making a big purchase, something that you need to think about a little bit – something like a house, car, vacation, or college. How will you make that decision? How would you conduct your research? Where will you find experts to help you make your decision? Where will you find the company [...]

8 05, 2017

3PL Sales Friend Zone

By | 2018-10-22T16:32:10+00:00 May 8th, 2017|3PL Sales Growth, Sales Tips|Comments Off on 3PL Sales Friend Zone

The friend zone is a situation in which one member of a friendship wants to enter a romantic relationship, while the other does not. The person who wants the romantic relationship, but can’t have it is said to be in the friend zone. In our personal lives, we see the friend zone for what [...]

28 07, 2016

If Steve Jobs Owned a 3PL

By | 2018-10-22T16:32:39+00:00 July 28th, 2016|3PL Sales Growth, Transportation|Comments Off on If Steve Jobs Owned a 3PL

Everybody knows Steve Jobs, the iconic innovator, who transformed five different industries: computers, phones, music, digital publishing and movies (Pixar). He even left his mark in brick and mortar with the Apple Stores, which have been wildly successful. But what if Steve Jobs had unleased his crazed intensity and business mastery on the 3PL [...]

26 05, 2016

Sex and the Single 3PL Salesman

By | 2018-10-22T16:34:19+00:00 May 26th, 2016|3PL Sales Growth, Sales Tips|Comments Off on Sex and the Single 3PL Salesman

To meet his sales numbers, a young 3PL salesman calls 100 prospects per day and asks for the sale. He has been taught that if he makes enough calls, he will win over a shipper or two. The wise old boss reminds his newbie salesman that “it’s a numbers game.” After a long week of [...]

26 05, 2016

What are the main 3PL Services?

By | 2018-10-22T16:34:41+00:00 May 26th, 2016|3PL Services, Logistics Explained, Selecting a 3PL|Comments Off on What are the main 3PL Services?

Admiral E. J. King famously said “I don't know what the hell this "logistics" is that Marshall is always talking about, but I want some of it.” Since he was an admiral, I am pretty sure somebody got Mr. King some logistics. Admiral King was no doubt surrounded by logistics activities and logisticians. He just didn’t [...]

26 05, 2016

Food Safety Modernization Act in a Nutshell

By | 2018-03-23T17:43:21+00:00 May 26th, 2016|Governments|Comments Off on Food Safety Modernization Act in a Nutshell

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is detailed and complicated. I like simple, so I decided to write a simple overview of the FSMA. What Is The Food Safety Modernization Act? The Food Safety Modernization Act is the biggest overhaul of food safety oversight in the history of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The [...]