The Quiet 3PF Story with Bruce Welty

 Joe Lynch and Bruce Welty discuss Bruce’s entrepreneurial journey and the Quiet 3PF story. Quiet 3PF is a best in class fulfillment services company used by leading retail and digitally native vertical brands (including high growth and category-defining brands like Away).

About Bruce Welty

Bruce Welty is the founder and vice chairman at Quiet 3PF. He has been a pioneer and visionary in automating warehouses since before the Internet. Mr. Welty has built, bought and sold some of the industry’s most innovative companies. His clients include companies ranging from Fortune 500s to e-Commerce startups. Quiet 3PF now ships a GMV in excess of $1.5 billion of e-commerce merchandise each year. Quiet, an early user of warehouse robotics could no longer utilize Kiva Systems, Inc.’s robotic solution after Amazon’s purchase of Kiva. Mr. Welty designed and built a new replacement robot, spinning the product into a company called Locus Robotics, now the premier warehouse robotics company in the world. He holds 30 patents and has been interviewed on CBS/60 Minutes and is a frequent guest on CNN, CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg News. Mr. Welty is a frequent guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School.

About Quiet 3PF

Quiet 3PF partners with leading brands to deliver agile and scalable inventory optimization and fulfillment solutions. We use strategic real estate planning to design warehouses in close proximity to consumers and retailers, better enabling same-day and next-day delivery. Our best-in-class technology helps companies ranging from digitally native to omnichannel brands scale quickly while maintaining unprecedented order accuracy and a premium customer experience. Quiet is jointly owned by Greenfield Partners, a property investment and logistics specialist, and Related Companies LP, a real estate and lifestyle company known for large-scale neighborhood developments.

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