Ted Alling and the Access America Story

Ryan Schreiber hosts a podcast about Ted Alling and the Access America story. Ted is co-founder of Access America, which merged with Coyote Logistics in 2014.

About Ted Alling

Ted Alling is a serial founder who uses his entrepreneurial achievements to create opportunities for others. He is the co-founder and former CEO of a $500 million logistics startup, Access America, that eventually merged with UPS subsidiary, Coyote Logistics. From that initial success, he and his fellow founders created Lamp Post Group in 2010, a venture capital firm and tech-focused incubator in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Fueled by a desire to build Chattanooga into a destination for young businesses, Lamp Post Group has invested $36 million into the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, backing a lengthy startup roster that includes Bellhops, Ambition, Chattanooga Whiskey, Reliance Partners Insurance, Steam Logistics, Fancy Rhino, Pricewaiter, Market Street Partners, Lamp Post Properties, The Jump Fund, and The House. In 2016 Ted co-founded Dynamo, an $18 million venture capital fund aimed at revolutionizing the logistics industry. As managing director of the fund — one of the largest in the Southeast — he works to ensure Dynamo remains the premier global knowledge leader in logistics technology by supporting the most innovative new businesses in the field. And now, along with his wife and co-founder, Kelly, Ted is embarking on his true passion project, the creation of Chattanooga Preparatory School, an all-boys public charter school. Chattanooga Prep is designed to provide unique and impactful educational opportunities for the young men in the city’s urban communities. Ted lives on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, with his incredible wife and three extraordinary children.

About Dynamo Ventures

Dynamo Ventures is a supply chain and mobility investor, focused on pre-seed and seed-stage opportunities, and invests only in enterprise business models. The team is made up of Ted Alling and Barry Large who previously built Access America Transport, a logistics business that subsequently merged with Coyote Logistics and sold to UPS for $1.8B. Alongside, Jon Bradford and Santosh Sankar who have made 120+ early-stage investments over the last decade. To champion greater transparency, Dynamo Ventures specializes in startups in one of two broad areas: supply chain (the movement of goods) or mobility (the movement of people).

About Chattanooga Preparatory School

Chattanooga Preparatory School is an all-boys public charter school that opened its doors to students in August 2018. Located in the Highland Park area, close to downtown Chattanooga, we are positioned to provide a unique and impactful educational opportunity for the young men in our urban communities. Our city has a boundless capacity for innovation, transformation, and economic prosperity. Unfortunately, these opportunities are not accessible for all members of our community, especially young men in urban core neighborhoods who are disproportionately impacted by poverty and educational inequity. It is our belief that students have gifts and talents that have been underserved. The families and young men of Chattanooga deserve greater opportunity and choice. Our aim is to inspire, empower, and educate the men of tomorrow in the hopes that their successes will create generational change within our communities.

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