Gary NemmersMartyn Verhaegen and Joe Lynch discuss digital freight forwarding – and the importance of a modern, data-driven logistics software platform to optimize every step of the freight forwarding process. Gary (CEO) and Martyn (CTO) are executive leadership at Magaya, the logistics software made for the modern freight forwarder.

About Gary Nemmers

A charismatic and visionary leader, Gary Nemmers brings his decades of industry experience in high-growth software to the Chief Executive Officer role at Magaya. Having most recently served as CEO and board member of IQMS Software, Gary previously held the role of COO at HighJump Software, Senior VP at Infor, and was the founder and CEO of DataTrend Information Systems, which provided ERP solutions to the JD Edward and PeopleSoft communities. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Behavioral Psychology from Northwestern University and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

About Martyn Verhaegen

Prior to his role as Chief Technology Officer, Martyn Verhaegen was the Founder and CEO of Qwyk, the digital forwarder solution that was acquired by Magaya in 2021. Before founding Qwyk, he served as lead for Corporate Account Technology at top global consolidator ECU Worldwide. Having joined ECU in 2007, Martyn operated in roles ranging from Operations to Systems and Technology to Sales. As a product owner, he was jointly responsible for the redesign and development of ECU’s internal and externally facing operational systems. Martyn possesses not only extensive technical expertise, but deep knowledge of the logistics and freight forwarding industries and the vision to evolve the Magaya Digital Freight Platform as the industry continues to shift.

About Magaya

Magaya delivers a Digital Freight Platform that accelerates growth with flexible, interoperable, and modular cloud-based solutions designed to optimize and digitize logistics operations and customer experience. Whether used together as an integrated platform or independently, Magaya solutions enable businesses of all sizes to streamline complex and redundant processes, enhance the customer experience, optimize productivity, reduce costs, and grow revenue. Trusted by more than 2,300 businesses located across over 100 countries, the Magaya Digital Freight Platform sets the technology foundation for modern logistics management with solutions for shipping, warehousing, rate management, visibility, digital forwarding, compliance, CRM, and more. Visit to learn more.

Key Takeaways: Digital Freight Forwarding

  • Gary Nemmers is the CEO of Magaya, a modern, data-driven logistics software platform for freight forwarders, 3PLs, NVOCCs, and customs brokers.
  • Martyn Verhaegen is the CTO of Magaya, the digital freight platform that enables freight forwarders and 3PLs to streamline their operations, better serve their customers, and grow profitably.
  • In the podcast interview, Martyn, Gary, and Joe discuss digital freight forwarding and importance of using technology to reduce cost, streamline functions and stay competitive in the increasingly tech-centric logistics space.
  • Freight forwarding is one of the most difficult services within the logistics industry.
  • The nature of freight forwarding is much more complicated because there are so many companies involved in the process including, but not limited to the shipper, receiver, multiple trucking carriers in multiple countries, customs brokers, customs officials, steamship lines, warehousing companies, and the receiver.
  • These stakeholders speak different languages, live in different countries, different time zones and are governed by different laws.
  • Magaya logistics tech solutions include:
    • Digital freight portal – a branded, interactive digital experience with all the functions of a digital forwarder in a single solution.
    • Supply chain – all-in-one solution for modern logistics and supply chain management.
    • Rate management – modernize and optimize your freight rate data and processes with a single control tower for searching and comparing rates, managing margins, filing tariffs, responding to RFQs, and preparing winning quotes.
    • CRM – Integrated with Magaya Supply Chain, this time-saving logistics CRM solution eliminates redundancies and fosters collaboration across sales and operations teams with greater visibility, streamlined processes, and built-in business intelligence.
    • Customs compliance – accelerate, streamline, and simplify your compliance workflows with a cloud-based, ACE-certified ABI software solution for customs brokers, FTZ or CFS operators, and self-filers.
  • Magaya has been included on Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider list in 2022.

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