In this episode, Joe Lynch interviews David Bell and Peter Rentschler about the new partnership between their companies along with building a competitive advantage in the transportation and logistics space.


About David Bell 

David Bell has been a leader in the transportation industry for over 25 years, beginning his industry career in 1993. In his early career, he started as a dispatcher at Precise Transportation and then joined Gateway Transportation Services as the Operations Manager. In 2001, Mr. Bell joined Cargo Transportation Services, Inc., where he served as CEO until 2011 when Cargo was bought by Smith Transportation Services, Inc. David was an equity holder and the COO of Smith Transportation until 2018 when it was sold to a Private Equity firm.

About Peter Rentschler

Peter Rentschler is the CEO of Metafora, an industry-leading management consulting and software development firm. Peter leads client service and engagement delivery. He has advised carriers and 3PLs to create and implement long-term strategies enabled through organizational change and operational efficiency. Having worked for enterprise and boutique consulting firms, Peter has worked with clients across multiple industries including transportation, retail, technology, insurance, and finance. Passionate about the future of freight, Peter and Metafora are moved by the impact people and technology have on businesses, and the ability each have to make substantial impacts tomorrow.

About Lean Solutions Group 

Lean Solutions Group (LSG) is a nearshore and offshore service provider that focuses on expanding and enhancing its client businesses. LSG’s broad offering ranges from staffing to technology, marketing, sales, and BPO services. To succeed in the transportation and logistics business, 3PLs need to be able to hire and retain the very best talent while keeping a lid on costs. Since the competition for the best talent is fierce, companies need an edge that will help them win; LSG is that edge. LSG helps its clients set up and establish satellite offices in beautiful countries like Colombia, Guatemala, and the Philippines. LSG’s team consists of qualified bilingual professionals eager to take on new challenges and become a part of your company. Since 2014, Lean has worked with over 500 satisfied U.S.-based transportation and logistics providers. Lean ensures that your satellite office is staffed with highly educated, English-speaking professionals trained in your company’s processes and systems. The Lean approach is a low cost, low risk, low hassle, and they handle the entire process with their account managers.

About Metafora

Metafora, previously “CarrierDirect”, is the leading business consulting and software development firm that exclusively serves the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain space. They partner with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help them optimize their business and build software to fuel their growth. Welcome to the new way forward. Welcome to Metafora.

Key Takeaways: The Competitive Advantage

  • David Bell is a Co-founder of Lean Solutions Group, a nearshore service provider that delivers high-quality business solutions in staffing, tech, marketing, and sales for U.S.-based companies.
  • Peter Rentschler is CEO of Metafora, a management consulting and technology delivery firm focused on transportation, logistics, and supply chain.
  • In the podcast interview, David and Peter discuss the new partnership between their companies along with the competitive advantage in the transportation and logistics space.
  • Metafora and Lean Solutions Group are partnering to provide IT consulting and tech development services to companies in the transportation, logistics and supply chain sectors.
  • Metafora, formerly CarrierDirect, is a management consulting and tech development firm.
  • Lean Solutions Group will work with Metafora to provide recruitment, staffing, and team spin-up services delivered from the Lean’s nearshore satellite locations in Latin America.
  • To compete and win the transportation and logistics space, David and Peter believe that firms must excel in the following 3 areas:
    • A company vision that informs everything the company does – the why, what, and how they do business.
    • Technology and operational excellence that enables the company to serve their current clients and grow, while making a healthy profit.
    • A talent and recruiting strategy that includes a nearshoring partner like Lean Solutions Group. LSG is a nearshore service provider that delivers high-quality business solutions in staffing, tech, marketing, and sales for U.S.-based companies.
  • This strategic partnership between LSG and Metafora is designed to directly address the labor shortage in the logistics industry by improving processes and getting reliable nearshore talent.

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