The Internet of Trucking (IoT) with Tapan Chaudhari

Tapan Chaudhari and Joe Lynch discuss the internet of trucking (IoT) which refers to all the connected devices and sensors that are being used in the trucking industry.

About Tapan Chaudhari

Tapan Chaudhari is the Founder and CEO of TruckX, a technology firm focused on the trucking industry. Tapan founded TruckX with the goal of bringing transparency, visibility, and efficiency to the trucking industry. Prior to the founding of TruckX, Tapan held leadership positions at several tech start-ups in the San Francisco Bay / Silicon Valley area. Tapan earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (India).

About TruckX

TruckX is a technology firm focused on the trucking industry. TruckX’s first product was an electronic logging device (ELD). Since then, TruckX has launched a series of devices and sensors that helps trucking companies gain additional transparency, visibility, and efficiency. TruckX products include fleet tracking sensors, electronic logging devices, dashcams, and asset trackers. TruckX is at the forefront of the internet of trucking (IoT). TruckX is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

Key Takeaways: The Internet of Trucking (IoT)

  • In the interview, Tapan explains how the internet of trucking (IoT) began to gain momentum with the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate that went into effect in 2019. To be compliant, carriers had to install and train drivers to use an electronic logging device, which tracks the driver’s hours of service (HOS)
  • As carriers, brokers, and 3PLs implemented ELDs and other visibility solutions, the desire for more information increased.
  • Today, companies like TruckX are launching trucking specific IoT products like:
    • Dash cameras that will videotape the outward-facing (driver’s view) and inward-facing (view of the driver) are useful in the event of an accident. The video can also be used for driver training and recording video of vehicle theft.
    • Cameras attached to side-view mirrors to capture footage, which would be useful in the in the event of an accident or theft.
    • Temperature sensors inside the trailer of temperature-controlled shipments. The sensors enable drivers and carriers to document the temperature from pick-up to delivery. The sensors can also proactively alert drivers and dispatchers of temperature excursions.
    • Trailer location sensors help with tracking the trailer and the products within the trailers. The sensors also help truckers find trailers inside truck yards.
    • Door sensors that record when and where the trailer door was opened. This information would be very useful when investigating freight claims, preventing theft, and ensuring the doors are closed on temperature-controlled shipments.
    • Sensors that can capture the approximate capacity used inside the trailer. This technology helps shippers and carriers measure trailer utilization.
  • The integrated nature of the internet of trucking (IoT) products enables shippers and carriers to become more efficient and transparent. IoT also increases visibility, utilization, and proactive measures to solve little problems before they become big problems.

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