Why Cold Callers Fail with Chris Jolly

 Joe Lynch and Chris Jolly discuss why cold callers fail. In the discussion, Chris shares the most common reasons cold callers fail and some tips for making the cold calling process more effective.

About Chris Jolly

Chris Jolly is the founder of The Freight Coach and the host of Coffee w/#TheFreightCoach podcast. Chris has over 14 years of experience in transportation with the bulk of his experience in freight brokerage. His experience within freight brokerage includes operations, sales, and leadership ranging from start-ups to one of the largest brokerages in the transportation industry. His passion is the training and development of sales and operations professionals in the brokerage business. Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Wisconsin- Stout located in Menomonie, WI and holds an associate in Management from Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, WI.

About The Freight Coach

The Freight Coach partners with growth stage transportation companies ranging from traditional freight brokerages, asset-based trucking companies looking to expand into brokerage, as well as technology companies looking to implement their product into the industry. Our main objective is to utilize niche-specific transportation training methods to improve efficiencies within the sales process and use our experience to enhance your operations team to execute your freight mix at a higher level. The Freight Coach provides one on one training with leadership as well as carrier and customer sales representatives to ensure that they overcome the barriers they are facing now to pave the way for greater success.

Key Takeaways: Why Cold Callers Fail

  • In the podcast interview, Chris reviews the reasons why cold callers fail:
  • A lack of substance, poor messaging. To be successful, cold callers need to have something interesting to say.
  • No specialization or niche. When cold callers develop a specialization, they are more valuable, useful, and therefore interesting to prospects. Remember, The Niches have Riches.
  • Inward looking – they talk about their product rather than the prospect’s business or problem. Good cold callers focus on the customer’s problems.
  • Lack of confidence, which may be caused by lack of success and or not engaging properly.
  • Lack of follow-up. Chris encourages cold callers to be persistent when pursuing prospects and to always keep calling until they reach the prospect.
  • Over-reliance on one method for connecting with prospects. In addition to cold calling, Chris recommends using emails, text messages, LinkedIn, webinars, podcasts – any way to gain favorable attention with the prospect.

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